Student Showcase at Coda in Tremont...a lot of fun!

It was a really great evening with my student showcase. I got up and performed with 6 of my students who all did great...some even sang. Then someone I taught years ago and is now a 2x grammy winner (Jose…

Song And A Beer #9 Hopsecutioner IPA "Trainwreck" Jeff Powers

High on the "Buzz Factor" is Hopsecutioner IPA from Terrapin Station in Athens Georgia...I had the fun experience on a tour last year of performing at their brewery. "Trainwreck" is the latest song I've released. It's basically about coping in…

Song And A Beer #7 Hop Nosh IPA "Cup Of Shut The Fuck Up" Jeff Powers

This is a special song for someone special...maybe it should be a sing a long.

Cup Of Shut The Fuck Up© 2010 music/lyrics Jeff Powers
You've been babblin' on and on             Talkin' shit we can't understand             Can't get a word…

Song And A Beer #5 Citra Dog IPA "Stoner" Jeff Powers

From Akron Ohio the land of Rock N' Roll (Black Keys Devo Chrissie Hynde)we have Citra Dog IPA up for review and a song I wrote a few years ago called "Stoner". Citra Dog brewed by: Thirsty Dog Brewing Company…

Song A Week #21 "Ray Of Hope" Jeff Powers

This is a song I recorded on my Jeff Powers (songwriter CD)...with a full band production. You can download the song and Cd at Bandcamp here

The song and CD received really great reviews..."There’s nothing like finding out

Song A Week #20 "Forced Underground" Jeff Powers

Thinking about how some people were raised to strict. You can't give your thoughts to your children or students...allow them to express themselves.

Click Here for LYRICS:

Forced Underground© music/lyrics Jeff Powers

He was forced underground                       By his teachers and…