Went in to Bad Racket Recording Studio yesterday (11/8/13)to start my all CD Cigar Box Guitar recording. I got a good start setting guitar tones and stomp percussion stuff. I laid down 4 of the 10-12 original tracks that I'm going to record. They are mainly scratch tracks to follow. I think I'll be able to record all 12 in one fell swoop on Sunday (11/10/13)but then I'll have to do vocals and mix at another date. The song list has 5 new original tracks and 7 reworkings of songs off my other CD's...these are very different versions.

Dirt Road Blues
Ball And Chain
Bad Luck Boogie
Cold Wind In Cleveland
I'm Gonna Leave
Went Down To Mississippi
Wild Child
Woke Up Lucky
Head Over Heels In Love With You
If It Ain't This It's That
Juke Joint Jam
Careful What You Wish For
Well I Wish

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