Song And A Beer #3 Commodore Perry IPA "Longest Train" Jeff Powers

Commodore Perry IPA from Great Lakes brewing Company…I feel close to this company and this particular beer and mainly because I lived in Ohio City (inner west side neighborhood of Cleveland) where their brewery is for many years and I've been in their restaurant and I've had many of their beers…Also, I used to go to the Barking Spider (a great acoustic music venue) that sadly is now closed and they only had a couple beers on tap but they always had Commodore Perry IPA… I used to get a picture of that every time I went (well most of the times) :-)… Buzz Factor: High ABV 7.7% IBU 70 They say it pairs well with spicy food, carrot cake inglorious sideburns… That's funny it has won numerous awards: three-time gold-medal winner in the world Beer championships and is bottled and serve year round. They call it a British style IPA it's Bold and Hoppy with an arsenal of caramel malt flavors. Brewery was founded by Pat and Dan Conway back in about 1986 and later they recruited the master brewer Thaine Johnson an engineer Charlie Price that were former employees of the old Schmidt's brewery in Cleveland... they have done a phenomenal job of running the brewery, the restaurant and distributing around the country…

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