Song And A Beer #7 Hop Nosh IPA "Cup Of Shut The Fuck Up" Jeff Powers

This is a special song for someone special...maybe it should be a sing a long.

Cup Of Shut The Fuck Up© 2010 music/lyrics Jeff Powers

You've been babblin' on and on            
Talkin' shit we can't understand            
Can't get a word in
I've had enough                                  
How bout a nice big cup                       
Of shut-the-fuck-up                             

You don't care If I really understand
You just want to feel your lips moving
Communication you don't give a damn
I've had enough
I bout a nice big cup
Of shut the fuck up?

I never know what you're talking about
You go on and on just to hear yourself out
Can't get you to shut your big mouth
I've had enough
How about a nice big cup
Of shut the fuck up?

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