The Thrill Is Gone Live @ Cook County Jail

When I teach I like to listen to the song, riff or the solo that the student is interested in and learn it note for note then write it down right then and there That way they can see how I transcribe, the way I find the details and also watch the fingering that I'm using to produce the tone and touch that's needed For that particular piece of music. I hand it to them and show them how it's fingered and how exactly to play it the way the artist plays it. Here is the intro solo to the " thrill is gone" live at the cook county's not perfect I need to go over it but basically that's the way B.B. plays it. He performs it differently on Live at Cook County Jail than he does on the studio version's a beautiful intro! I did this for John "the Biker" and he fixed my Z-Amp.

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