What Condition My Condition Was In

I was at a open mic a few years ago and some middle eastern guy was yelling at me over and over kinney royers...I was getting angry but didn't respond and after I sang the Host (I think it was Gary Hall) said he was yelling Kenny Rogers at me...he thought I looked like Kenny Rogers and wanted to pay me $20 to sing one of his songs...I was horrified cause I thought Kenny Rogers was the devil...I forgot that I sing "What Condition" anyway Gary sang a song by Kenny Rogers "The Gambler" and got the money...after that I kept hearing from random people that I looked like Kenny Rogers...I was nearly defeated but I just watched a panel discussion with Kenny Rogers and the First Edition...then I watched some live footage of the band and Kenny was Bad Ass...I didn't know he was the bass player..I knew he could sing real cool...anyway I'm going to wear my Kenny Rogers with pride....I found a website called http://www.menwholooklikekennyrogers.com/ I'm ordering that shirt....I always loved "What Condition" a recording and mixing marvel of the 60's. It turns out that Glenn Campbell played the reverse guitar part that Hendrix loved and started using on "Are You Experienced" or one of those songs...he told them it (What Condition) was his favorite song.

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