[Since 2010] 

Playing a gut-bucket slide on his 3-string Cigar Box Guitar while singing and stomping on a tambourine and an old trunk (kick drum), Cleveland native Jeff Powers creates his own “gumbo” styled brand of Roots, Blues and Americana. Powers sounds like Neil Young joined the Black Keys to play a little blues!  

 Since 2011 Jeff has been performing as a one man band Cigar Box Guitar project. With 1 CD dedicated to 3-String Cigar Box Guitar (13 original songs) which he's promoted with several tours. A new CD is in the Pipeline...

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I just received the newest release, If It Ain't This It's That, from Jeff Powers and it's a sliding extravaganza. Opening with a euphoric slide soundscape, Dirt Road Blues/ Beer And Whiskey Coffee and Cigarettes opens up to a ragged blues on a cigar box guitar, not unlike other very successful contemporary raw blues players like Dan Auerbach and Jack White. Very cool. – Bman, Bman’s Blues Report http://www.bmansbluesreport.com/2014/03/whiskey-island-records-artist-jeff.html” - Man

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