1. Ray Of Hope

Begging for a little sign or anything that the other partner cares or loves also


Ray of Hope (copyright 2002) lyrics/music Jeff Powers

Give me a reason why I should stay
Why I should even call you a friend

Give me one instance when we were right
When it was tight
When you were mine all mine
When I was on your mind

You don’t like to be alone
So you keep me hanging on a rope

Throw me one bone so I can cope
With the hope
That someday you will love me
That one day you will care

Give me one day a ray of hope
A little sign that I can hold on to
Something I can use something I can prove

You’re just waiting for someone else
And in the mean time I’m on your shelf

Paint me one word a ray of hope
A little show
That you will even care
That you know I’m there

Give me one ray a glimpse of hope
A little wink a knowing smile from you
Something I know true something I can chew

You don’t see how I feel
When we’re together you’re not there
I’m lonely even though you’re here
I’m waiting for you to share (care, dare)

Give me one day
Shine me one ray
Give me one day
Shine me one ray