From the recording Jeff Powers

I turned on the TV just as the second terrorist Jet hit the Trade Center...I was very angry...angry about religious fanaticism....I wrote this song that day. 9/11 2001


TALL BUILDINGS (9/11) © 9/11/2001 music/lyrics Jeff Powers

God seems real strange
He only wants you to pray
With guns in your hand
To get to heaven you got to kill a man
Got to kill' em dead
They tell me that's God's plan

God's been really sad
He sees tall buildings on his land
We got to lend a hand
Turn these castles into sand
Got to get right with the man
So we can go straight to heaven

God can't be insane
He can't hate a smile
He can't like pain
So he must be upside down
It explains why he loves frowns
That's why he likes to kick us around
That's why he brings his circus to town

Tall buildings must cause him pain
We got to help God fly his plane
Cause he's not really trained
He don't know where to land that thing
And who are we to question our faith
Even if it seems really strange

God must like ugly men
The kind concerned with others sin
And they don't have to change
The hard stuff's for those who are sane
Cause in God's righteous domain
Is a place where hatred entertains
Where killing and terror reign
Where buildings crumble under strain
Where jets burst into flames
Where tears pour down like rain
Where children lose their family and friends
Where ignorance is a blessed thing
Where orphans are the rage
Where kamikazes get all the fame
Where people don't know bombs from planes
Where reward is for those insane
Yes heaven knows no shame
Where fighting is just a game
Where murderers don't get blamed
Where the innocent smiles are slain
Where God comes on like a hurricane
Where towers crash into flames
Where everyone is the same/lamebrain
Where love has no name
Where tall buildings cause God pain
Tall buildings cause God pain
Tall buildings cause him pain
Tall buildings cause God pain